Our categories, in competition, are :

Best Film, 2D
Film using an animation technique where each frame is drawn by hand, or film made by using any 2D animation software.

Best Film, 3D digital

Film made by using any 3D animation software.

Best Stop Motion

Film made by stop-motion creation. Any technique or material.

laurel Animation Studio-multicolorBest Feature

Any animation technique, any genre. Must be 40 minutes or more.

Best Student Film

Any animation technique, any genre. Must come with a student ID and a school name we can check on.

Best Story

This category reward the story you tell, only. This way we can reward your originality, poetry, and storytelling.

Best Design

This category reward the design of your film. This way we can reward your style, atmosphere, and technical talent.

To submit your film you can use FilmFreeway.